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These Common Tree and Shrub Problems Can be Easily Resolved with our Expert Care

  • Trees have become hazardous Due to poor structure, weather damage, or man-made forces such as pollution, soil compaction, structural restrictions or even vandalism. This can endanger the home, power wires, and cause other safety hazards. While we always strive to repair problems and help restore a tree back to health, sometimes tree removal is the best option to remove the hazard.


  • Trees or shrubs have become too dense, causing dead inner limbs, pest, or disease infestations. Pruning will open up the interior of the tree, allowing air circulation, drying, and light penetration. Removal of the dead limbs improves appearance and form as well as it will help stop disease or insects.


  • Shrubs need a face-lift. Structural pruning will enhance the aesthetic appearance and showcase the branch shape, trunk characteristics and leaf colour as well as improving the overall health of the shrub.


  • A valuable specimen tree or historic tree needs special care and protection Regular pruning will keep it healthy, and a lightning protection system can minimize the level of damage by diverting the charge from the strike.

  • Stumps are an eyesore in the landscape , or obstacles when planning pathways, lane ways, or driveways. These stumps can be removed completely with stump grinding machines.


  • Large branches are damaged with severe cracks due to structural imperfections such as weak crotches, or branches which have become extremely long. Cabling and bracing will help to preserve the tree by providing added support to the crown and increasing stability, longevity, and safety.


  • Trees and shrubs experience slow growth Leaves die off early, or branches are spindly. This could indicate that the tree is not receiving the nutrients that it needs. Specialized fertilizing will take care of this. Deep root feeding and balanced soluble slow release fertilizers is needed, as well as assessment of the other key factors that can cause growth issues – sunlight, water, and temperature.

  • Pest or disease infestation These can weaken, disfigure and even kill a tree or shrub. Many infestations can be controlled by injecting a substance in the capillary network of the tree, avoiding the use of external tree spraying. Other natural methods include the use of beneficial insects, phereome traps, biological products, and physical barriers.


  • Tree and shrub appearance needs to be maintained. For property management for aesthetics, property value enhancement, and noise attenuation. Continuous proactive care and pruning will keep trees at their optimal condition.


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